What’s best for me

What’s best for me may not be what’s best for you. I’ve learned that not all my dreams should be shared and all my love out in the open. I’ve learned that my wall should be high and that who ever loves me should invest in a ladder. I’ve learned that storms can be a blessing because it clears away some of the emotional vampires in my life. What’s best for me may not be what’s best for you. I hope you find peace in my disappearance and I wish you the very best in your journey too. This is for broken hearts and the purple dreams.



And so I’ve learned….

I found myself again. I don’t know why, but I got up and I dusted off the past and I moved forward. I found myself again. The girl in the mirror is I can recognize and her smile is coming back. And so I’ve learned to love me again. I found peace without you and it feels amazing! And so I’ve learned that I could have peace and purpose with no drama. Peace. And so I’ve learned. This is my for broken-hearted and the purple Dreams.

God forgive me…..

I remember a time where someone told me that he loved me but he could no longer continue to be around me. I drew him into my world of nagging and complaining… even thinking about the young me, makes me angry. You have to know when you’re that toxic person. We complain so much of others but we never look mirror. Look in the mirror. This is for the broken hearted and the purple dreams.




Disconnect from the negative. You don’t have to be bother with emotional vampires who suck the life out of you. Be prepared for people who are not ready to see you change and evolve into a person who only wants to have peace in life. People love chaos you know. People like to validate their existence by sucking you into a black hole with their horrible energy. You may be one of those emotional vampires. Disconnect. Even if you have disconnect to give someone else peace. We are about to enter into 2019, and I hope we decide to surround ourselves with good energy. You have one life, so love hard and live in peace. This is for the broken and the purple dreams.

– A.D.

I poisoned you….

I poisoned you? Never. You clouded my mind with devilished words and unlimited lies and you going around telling other women who you are whispering dark magic,  that I, I poisoned you. Pretending to be pitiful never suited you and to think they will fall for those very same lies I fell for. Poison wouldn’t be strong enough for someone like you. Your a  toxic socialist who gets pleasure from every app that can provide you with meaningless conversation and excess to countless hearts who just wanted  to hold hands while walking in the park or watching a marvel movie. I sir, would never poison you. I sir have moved on and have found peace that I have known before and after you. This is for the broken hearted and those purple dreams. 


You broke me

He’s trying to get back in my head and I can’t do that. I can’t go through that again because the second round will damage me for life. I felt like my throat was closed and I was chained up and thrown in deep water and nobody knew I was sinking. The peace I felt being alone for a year without him was good for my heart. I like quietness and listening to the rain… no drama no him. I can’t go back to someone who’s trying to ruin my world. This is for the broken hearted and the purple dreams. 


Coldplay for the heart

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Coldplay music does something for the heart. Any emotions you feel or would want to they have a song for it. The broken hearted sometimes has to healed by any means necessary and majority of the time .. that one song made you cry or laugh and it took care of the heart a little. I love Coldplay.. I’m sitting on the stars when I hear ” sky full of stars” and “Fix you” is my song when I need it. This is for the broken hearted and the purple dreams. Dream.


Half loved

I am wild and free.. that kind of wild that stays home and  Netflix all night with a whole pizza and a huge bottle of wine.. drunken from the bottle kind of wild and free. But I discovered awhile ago that my energy and my love is not just for anyone. Takes a special kinda person to handle my thunder and to experience my purple winds. I am wild and free.. that kind that loves the feeling of butterflies when she knows your on the other side of the door. But right now.. I’m falling in love with again.. just me.  This is always for the broken hearted and those purple dreams.


Twisted Love

I still believe, though I almost lost my way.. The idea of love is an amazing feeling! I was almost driven to the lowest point but I put the brakes on and realized that my life and my happiness is mine and I can go in any direction I choose. With lovers, family, and even some friends.. Learn to let go of those who drain your soul. This is for the broken hearted and the purple dreams. 


Peace be still

With remembering those no longer here.. I realize that death is certain and I have decided to live in peace from now on. There are people who will never be sorry and things you will never get back but you must move forward. I am at a place where peace is my only priority. This is for the broken hearted and those purple dreams.